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It’s about Tools for change

I am writing this before I have even posted the last blog, which shows a shift in how I feel about writing them.

I noticed the shift in process when I was reading back through it. Of course, this can happen in all areas of our lives. It can happen without our even realising. Something just suddenly makes sense when we look at it differently. That light bulb moment, the answer to a riddle. Changing one small detail can create a massive shift in how we perceive and do something.

Because we are mostly creatures of habit, we do things out of habit. Actions, behaviours. It’s what we know or how we are. How we treat ourselves and others can be a reflection of how we see ourselves. Most are not aware of how they come across to others. Different people will see different sides of what we portray depending on the relationship. EG; Some will see a kind caring person. Some will see a strong/weak character and some will see an absolute …..  and all the variations. We can only go by the feedback, and then, only if pay attention to it. And if we want to change something, then we can.

Of course, change can only happen when you’re ready. Perhaps you want to be more relaxed or less stressed. Not feel so anxious. Maybe change a behaviour that is holding you back from a better life. Or at the point where you’re thinking, “I need to do something about it”. Both scary and exciting when you start. Some self-doubt along (sometimes lots) the way and some feel good factors when you reach those little points or goals.

If you feel you need to change something about yourself, you need to be ready to put the work in.

Self-help books can be a good place to start, especially if finances are tight and they can be a good way of gaining insight as to how you feel about yourself and how you can change it. Personally, I started with Louise Hay You can heal your life. Initially given to me by a friend when life my life had fallen apart and was depressed. I disregarded it as rubbish, (I used stronger words at the time). However, I decided to read it some years later when it was pointed by out by a friend that the experiences I talked about, sounded recent, but had happened “10 years ago” For some reason those words acted as my trigger for change. I started the process of change. I learned to drive. tried out other types of work. And life just kept getting better. I even had counselling along the way with a good counsellor. I wasn’t aware of hypnotherapy at that time.

Hypnotherapy, of course can be a way of speeding the process up. Some of the best changes have been made with clients who have done the whole therapy journey. They understand why they are how they are. They understand changing their mindset to something more positive can help them feel happier. However, most talk therapies help you too live with the negative emotions. Whereas, hypnotherapy can help you cut the emotional ties to any given situation and so leave it in the past as just a memory, as it should be. This can be very liberating and some great strides forward can happen.

Starting out?

There are loads of self-help books out there, all saying the same thing in different ways. It all comes down to self-love. That’s not the conceited love, but a love of self, self-respect. Personal favourites that helped me and a good starting point. Louise Hay You Can Heal your Life. And later in my journey, The Artists Way Julia Cameron. Both working books and very powerful changes can be made using them. The Artists Way is written as an 8-week course. Find books that work for you.


To your progress


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