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As I was going through some stuff, from working with clients.

Whilst doing this I decided to give the bathroom a clean ( hard water area) The term being a rescuer caught my attention. OK, I have been guilty of this myself over the years. And I have even been told “I don’t need rescuing” when I didn’t think I was. So naturally I decide to think about what rescuing was about, for the rescuer. It is only an opinion or theory that will expand no doubt as I go on writing. As it only just popped into my head when cleaning the bathroom. Nothing like a bit of housework to let your mind wander.

So, anyway. I thought (as I was cleaning the edge of the bath) I wonder who is rescuing who? In these scenarios? Maybe, the rescuer will have their own stuff going on. And rescuing the damsel in distress (assuming it’s mostly a bloke thing) is perhaps an extension to rescuing himself. Called “projection” I believe in Psychotherapy terms. Maybe not in all situations but I would imagine certainly in a few.

When you think about it, we don’t need to look at our own stuff when we are busy sorting out someone else’s problems. (chrome shower head and taps coming up lovely) And the upshot is the hugs appreciation of having been rescued from a crap day or emotion. Which makes us feel good! So a win win.

I could of course be wrong (a bit of astonish paste and some lime n grime does wonders to clear the walls and chrome of chalk. I’m not wrong there) and I’m just meandering down a line of thought to nowhere. Either way, the bathroom is looking better. Nice and shiny bathroom and I got material for a meandering blog 😊


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