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Contrary to popular belief, not all stress is bad. We need a certain amount of stress to function better in certain situations such as public speaking, dealing with an unpleasant situation, starting or finishing a job that needs doing. We sometimes need that bit of adrenalin to helps us focus. Stress only becomes a problem when the stress levels are constant and more so when consistently high, we can burn out. However, when we take a little time out, we can reduce our stress levels. For instance, letting of a little steam when we have had a frustrating day is good for us, whether it is via banging out a heavy rock /track, classical music or taking part in some physical activity.

Stress doesn’t have to come just from something we are personally involved in, we are bombarded with negative news, documentary’s, violent films or soaps full of angry people and advertising stuff we didn’t know we needed, creating a desire for something we can’t always afford. Too much processed food with excessive amounts of sugar and added chemicals to keep it “fresh” for longer periods. Or Being expected to be constantly in touch via mobile phones, ipad’s etc. So we need to be able to give ourselves permission to take some time out. Not doing so could mean prolonged stress levels which can lead onto anxiety, depression and other health problems, both mental and physical.

Reducing Stress

215HTaking part in physical activity such as going for a walk, or a sport. Perhaps meditating or listening to relaxing music or a hypnosis recording. Using self-hypnosis can not only be a way of having a rest, it can be pre-emptive in helping us to deal with future stress. Switching off the phone, having a rest from the internet and tv. Eating fresh healthy food where possible. All this can help you to be more relaxed and more in control. A more relaxed state of mind, allows your body to heal more effectively and recover from illness in a shorter period of time.

If things have gone too far, there are talk therapies such as Psychotherapy or CBT, that can help you manage stress.  Hypnotherapy can be very fast and effective in helping you let go of stress, as well as dealing with the causes and any long term mental/physical problems related to stress. We can teach you self-hypnosis techniques to help you deal with and keep stress at a healthy level.


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