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At Hampshire Hypnotherapy, Lorraine and myself do an average of three sessions with clients depending on what they are seeing us for. Weight for instance can be around four we rarely do more than five. Some hypnotherapists advocate ten or more sessions. So how many sessions does it take? You may have read or seen claims that people can have their problems resolved in one session. I know from experience, that the majority of people will make changes on a first session, subsequent sessions (if needed) will reinforce that change and we build their confidence. We have had one or two clients with a lot of weight to lose, who ask to come for a top up every two or three months to keep them on track.

Working with smoking and some fears and phobias, clients have stopped smoking or leave without the fear or phobia they came into the room with. Allie Mew had her session filmed as part of her Media project for college. She came for fear of spiders, and was researching the different therapy methods people used, such CBT, Massage, acupuncture, interviewing the therapist in their field of practice. You can see the video here. My Not So Incy Wincy fear. You could tell by her body language at the beginning how uncomfortable she was in the pet shop and the difference in her body language on the second visit, then holding two tarantulas at the end. This goes to show one session does work, however it is also down to the client and what is behind the phobia, everybody is different and sometimes there are more complex issues or emotions to deal with.

When dealing with weight, depression, anxiety, there usually are more complex habits and emotions involved, the most common is not leaving food on your plate. Also someone has cooked for you so you should eat it all out of appreciation or it’s free or the offer to eat as much as you want, so people do even if it’s too much. However, weight is not always about the food or overeating, as we have found sometimes just dealing with a negative emotion or self belief can trigger weight loss and they haven’t come to see us for weight.

With stress or anxiety, some clients just need to relax or be heard, given a bit of space to talk and in hypnosis everything falls into place or makes sense, they feel more relaxed and back to their usual selves or some naturally go on to change a behaviour or habit.

So how many sessions? Well can be down to several factors.
How the therapist works.

How comfortable you feel with them.

Are you ready to make the changes you want?

Sometimes there are secondary benefits to having a condition or behaviour (especially long term) for example the attention you may get from it such as sympathy or company. Changing what you are used to could feel a little unsettling initially, but then you could gain so much more and enjoy life and healthier relationships.

And your commitment to change

If you are looking begin your journey of change I wish you the best of luck

Pete Bateman
Hampshire Hypnotherapy


"We will do our utmost to help you make the changes you want to make. However as with all medical or theraputic procedures, there can be no guarantees when working with the mind and body"

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