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Blogs! Still trying to get into writing them. Some people are technophobes, maybe I’m a Blognophobe. Explaining what we work with to clients or how I can work with their problem I can do. Helping them with them with their issue I can do. Marketing, as with a lot of therapists, is not a strong point. I have just got the hang writing out adverts that I feel happy with. Now I’m learning to find my feet with blogs, this perhaps being a bit of self-therapy. We are advised on how to put them together, certain formats etc.


I remember when I first heard about blogs, they seemed to be about the views and experiences of the writer, sharing thoughts and ideas. People making observations on society and how they were affected. Personal experiences and how they dealt or are dealing with them. Sharing their personal journeys, experiences that may help others going through similar situations.

Being on a journey of personal change myself, it makes writing in this way, for me, feel more organic with less worry about format.  Just sharing part of my journey, along with empathy and understanding I have with fellow travellers on this journey we call life. I guess you can say were all on a journey.

Sometimes, we need to change direction or change how we think or act when we get a little stuck.  At times, we may need help because we are stuck at certain point on the journey. So, we may need to talk it through, getting a little help to make sense of what we may be going through. Or finding a way past a point at which we may be stuck. All of which is what we help with as hypnotherapists.

Working on yourself, is challenging, and rewarding as you progress. Learning to work through your own emotions and trying to put all the pieces together such as the feedback from what happens to you or is said to you. Or learning how you create certain repeat scenarios, can be empowering.  Because you can change it.

Facilitating change with other people on the other hand, is easy. Especially for those already working themselves. There can be some very dramatic shifts in one or two sessions, whereas others may need to work through things over a few sessions.

Pete Bateman

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"We will do our utmost to help you make the changes you want to make. However as with all medical or theraputic procedures, there can be no guarantees when working with the mind and body"

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