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Hypnotherapy and outcomes

On considering running some Google ads again with a certified company, Google wouldn’t run it unless I put disclaimers up on every page and after every testimonial. I felt a bit hacked off at this because we already have a disclaimer on about hypnosis and all the testimonials can be verified. Also, this was the first time I had been asked when running a Google ads campaign.

That said, I could also understand why. Apart from people making exaggerated claims on various alternative therapy sites. And, as successful as Hypnotherapy is. Along with any medical or therapeutic intervention, it is not successful with everyone.

Successful Hypnotherapy

The most successful changes made with clients are when working with psychological disorders such as Stress, Anxiety, Fears, phobias, building confidence and depression among others. Hypnotherapy can help with some physical problems too. Clients have been helped to regain movement movement in the limbs and improve or fully regain their cognitive skills after a stroke. Hypnosis has been used as an alternative to anaesthetic and can help to speed up recovery.

The ones involving a habitual physical activity tend to be little more complex, such as smoking and weight. Social compliance, if all or most or your friends smoke. Some clients grew up in a time when you could smoke almost anywhere. Weight because of the varied reasons for eating. However, Hypnotherapy is probably one of the best interventions to help you achieve your goal.

Something to consider

So, with all the successful changes made by most clients, what stops some clients making the changes they want?

Well like our minds the reasons will be varied, such as no rapport, or the relationship between the client and therapist. Sometimes the ability of the therapist with a particular client or the client expecting a magic wand to fix them. They don’t want to make a change they want it done for them. So feeling comfortable with your therapist can be an important factor.

Sometimes people are just not ready for the changes they want to make. Stopping smoking for instance.

To stop smoking ideally will be for your own reasons and not to please someone else or because you think you should, because the underlying emotion/belief will undermine the work. So, a few drinks at a gathering mixed with social compliance or a stressful situation will trigger the return to smoking.

With weight simply eating less helps, or choosing the right food. However at times the issues can be more complex from eating habits to emotional eating based on self-worth. We have worked with clients purely on emotional issues and they will lose weight. Again, some people expect the magic wand without consciously taking part in their changes. Some want to lose the weight whilst keeping the same eating behaviours.

Other reasons why hypnosis may not work or the changes are short term reverting back to the problem, are secondary benefits, such as getting attention for their condition, being the centre of attention or lonely, which is why we build on self confidence when we worked with clients issues.

The power of hypnosis

In most cases however. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool to make changes in your life. We have all watched the stage hypnotist make people do things they would never normally do. However, those people (Somnambulists) are easily hypnotised and are happy to go with whatever is suggested even if it makes them look silly. And the suggestions are short term, so they will naturally resume normal behaviour, certainly when back in their everyday world.

Hypnosis used in therapy has different goals. People come to see us with the intention to create long term changes, hence usually more than one session is needed to effect changes. Sometimes we need to work with self-belief systems or use different techniques such as Parts or Ego State therapy, where the old behaviour or part of the old behaviour is still persistent. that say “Part of me wants to… and part of me doesn’t”  IE the client makes changes but can’t get past a certain change, because a part of them is still invested in keeping a habit or behaviour.

Miracle changes

We’ve all heard about the miracle change someone has made. Most of know people who have stopped smoking without any help or are organised and successful all of a sudden. They are like a totally different person. Those people may have been working on those changes for some time. They know what they want and have been been doing little things everyday until  that shift takes place. Some of the fastest changes are with clients who have been working on themselves or have been for counselling or Psychotherapy and just need a little tweak behind the scenes. Matching their subconscious to their conscious intention and actions. They are ready to make the changes they want.

So, even with hypnotherapy, in many cases you being ready and your commitment to change can determine your level of success. The more you do towards your goal, the more comfortable you feel about it, the more successful the outcome.




"We will do our utmost to help you make the changes you want to make. However as with all medical or theraputic procedures, there can be no guarantees when working with the mind and body"

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