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Hypnotherapy, although mostly associated with stopping smoking or losing weight and increasingly known to help with fears, phobias and stress related mental conditions. However it being used more often to work with Psycho Physiological conditions such as IBS, Fibromyalgia and other conditions where there is no physical or biological cause can be found. At Hampshire hypnotherapy we have helped people with these issues and seen firsthand the healing benefits of hypnosis

The brain is a powerful organ that controls how our bodies function, heart rate, temperature, sending signals as to when we are hungry or thirsty or when our hunger is satisfied. The Subconscious part of our brain controls our automatic thoughts, behaviours (habits) and feelings. We can of course change some of those thoughts and behaviours as we learn new things or realise how we are behaving. However some changes need outside intervention via Counselling, Psychotherapy or Hypnosis. Counselling and Psychotherapy are great tools for understanding ourselves a little more and helping the client to live or cope with the related emotions. Hypnotherapy cuts away all the negative emotions associated with and event and any behaviour pattern that comes with it.

The healing benefits of hypnosis don’t just work with the psychological related issues; it can also help with the physical too. Studies have shown hypnotherapy to help the body repair itself after operations, broken bones, more comfortable giving birth and as anaesthesia in operations.
At Hampshire Hypnotherapy we have used the healing benefits of hypnosis to help clients recover from breast cancer, relieve the symptoms of Stroke damage, improving cognitive skills and limb movement and reduce pain levels in medical procedures.
Our bodies are designed to repair themselves; hypnosis can help you connect with your ability to heal.

Pete Bateman

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"We will do our utmost to help you make the changes you want to make. However as with all medical or theraputic procedures, there can be no guarantees when working with the mind and body"

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