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Past life regression

From time to time we get people who want to experience a previous life regression and sometimes when working with an issue some people automatically go back to a previous life.

We had a man come to us with feelings of suicide with no reason for it, he had even made a couple of suicide attempts.

On going into Hypnosis he automatically went back to a previous life of being a Roman soldier who’d hung himself.

After dealing with the emotions and subconscious memory, he felt fine within a couple of days. Another client who’d had stomach problems all through his life automatically went back to being French man who crawled through smoke to escape a fire and vomited when he got out, again after dealing with the emotions and his subconscious memory he no longer had stomach problems.

Requested Past Life Regressions. I have taken people back to being amongst others an Indian/Eskimo, a soldier in WWII who went on to be a bus driver and inventor, a woman who lived in the country side at the turn of the century who got married and had children and a servant.

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