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Fears & Phobias

Fears are part of the brains natural defence system, however this can cause problems when the fear is disproportionate and without some basis and becomes a phobia. Appropriate fear is useful as a caution in a given situation; it gives you the power/energy to react i.e. fight or flight

Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat such as of falling, crossing the road, of being hurt physically or emotionally, or of the response to what you want/need to say or do. It is a part of our emotional system such as happiness, anger, grief or sadness.

Phobias on the other hand tend to be irrational, fear without reason, “stopping” you from doing or even trying something you may otherwise actually enjoy and in the extreme, may cause anxiety, spoiling your enjoyment of everyday life.

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By working with the reasons behind these negative emotions we can help to restore the balance, so the appropriate emotion is used in a given situation.

We can help you deal with these fears and phobias; Height, Flying, Spiders, Needles, Dentists, Acrophobia, Claustrophobia, in fact any fear or phobia that is causing distress so regaining your freedom

How appropriate the reaction is, will depend on how correctly the perceived experience and the emotional content are processed and stored in our subconcious minds.

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